Talent Planning

New leaders

New program managers

Annual talent plan

Develop a talent plan that aligns with the business plan

Identify high potentials & their development needs

Review business goals

Assessment of key talent (current & required)

Mapping of key talent to future organization

Business aligned talent plan

Development plan for high-potentials & successors

Plan for talent gaps

Team Building

Newly established teams

New team/department leader

Clarify goals, roles & responsibilities

Agree ways of working, values & behaviors

Establish relationships

Team leader coaching

Customized team workshop(s)

Leader & team alignment

Accelerate forming and storming

Functioning team

Team Performance

Established teams seeking to:

- Raise performance

- Sustain performance

- Address change fatigue

Diagnose performance inhibitors

Reaffirm what’s working

Realign on goals

Action planning

Interpersonal styles assessment

Customized workshop(s) to: diagnose issues, reaffirm what’s working, realign on goals, action plan

Raised awareness

Improved team health & momentum

Greater ownership & accountability

Executive Coaching

High potentials

New leaders

Leaders in transition

Leverage strengths

Develop leadership behaviors & capabilities

Build a support network

Individual & 360 assessment

Individual development plan

1-1 coaching & feedback

Accelerate growth

Increase results

Maintain balance